Barbie Holder

Hello! I’m Barbie and I’m happy you’re here. Let me tell you a little about myself and what makes me tick as a human.  I’m a kind-hearted, compassionate, wear my heart on my sleeve type of gal. I cry when I’m sad and I dance when I’m happy. I love cheese, naps, hearts and the perfect long run. My favorite TV shows are Say Yes To The Dress and any other reality type show with a happy ending. Well, pretty much any show including a wedding dress.  Did I mention I love LOVE? I could spend hours window shopping in small mom and pop type shops that have unique items with a positive, artful message. My favorite color used to be forest green but these days I am more partial to antique blue and sage. I love the journey of self-discovery and some might call me a bit of a personal development junkie. I am totally okay with that! I birthed two amazing boys who are turning into fantastic human beings and I am lucky to be their mom. I didn’t really grow up until I was in my early thirties and I have both fond and painful memories of that “growth spurt”. I also wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m what I would call an extroverted introvert, meaning that I love to be social and enjoy attending parties and other social events, however I almost always need to have a game plan on how I will manage my energy and/or plan my escape route. My favorite part about being me (besides my awesome ability to robot dance) is that I get to share exactly who I am with an amazing man who supports, nurtures, and loves me just the way I am.


Barbie H.


Barbie Haven is a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner, and founder of Desired Lives Coaching. Her mission at Desired Lives is to educate, inspire and empower women (and men) to live authentically, creating life on their terms, from a place of passion and purpose.
Barbie carries out this mission through public speaking, writing and teaching workshops that hit home for many people in today’s culture. Topics include: Boundary Setting, Codependency Recovery, Goal Setting, Self-Confidence and Visioning. She uses her experiences in each of these areas combined with her coaching experience and knowledge to help audiences reflect on their own lives and broaden their perspectives around what is possible!
Barbie earned her coaching credentials from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching in December, 2013 and sits on the Board for Impactful Women NW. In addition to her formal coach training and hundreds of hours coaching one on one, Barbie has completed more than a decade of personal development work in her own life. One of her biggest joys is witnessing women discover and step into their personal power and the positive ripple effect that has on those around them.